How To Choose The Best Bikini Bottom For Your Shape

August 5, 2019


Just in time for summer Vacation season!

We know that finding the right bikini bottom for your shape can be confusing. There are so many different types to choose from – Brazilian, High leg, High waisted, Tie Side, Hipster…With so many styles to choose from, how can you know which one suits your body the best?

Let us give you some tips! ?

Each bikini bottom style can suit to a variety of body shapes. The aim is to find the best style to accentuate your shape, so keep reading…


Brazilians offer amazing shaping and sculpturing, making the most of your curves!

Brazilian bottoms are great for making smaller bums appear fuller, giving the impression of a larger bum shape. It is also ideal for petite yet perfectly rounded shape, to accentuate your body curves.

On the other hand, Brazilian bottoms may have the opposite effect if you have a round or wide shape booty and small waist. Choosing a bikini style with more fabric & full coverage will make your bum look bigger. So, choose Brazilians and support it girls!

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Retro Style high waisted bikini bottoms are the perfect way to focus on a tiny waist, emphasizing your naturally curvy shape. The high waist gives an extra lift to a small or flat bum, giving the impression of a peachier derrière.

High waisted bottoms are also perfect for flattering your curves, offering support that show off your silhouette.

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Hipster Bottoms and love handles go hand in hand!

If you worry about love handles and muffin tops, hipster bottoms are the best for you! The wide waist band sits just over the hips and softly smooths over the stomach.  This style means that your waist is accentuated, so you can rock your curves with confidence! Important note is that High leg Hipster Bottoms can also create the illusion of longer legs.

Hipster Style bottoms also work their magic with athletic body shapes. If you have a boxy style bum or athletic build or even a slim waist, hipster bottoms are a fantastic choice.


In the case of flatter bum shapes, the teeny string ties on the bottom can be customized to make it as high cut as you want it, making your bum appear curvier. Thus, draw attention away from a flatter bum and achieve the appearance of curves with a tie-side bikini bottom.

If your bum is your best (and biggest) asset, with tie side bottoms you may choose how much coverage you get, and you may decide how much to lift your bum. They’re also versatile – you choose the rise, the coverage and the overall style.

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