Larnaca, Cyprus

A young, dynamic brand is born.


Made with tropical vibes and much love, welcome to the Tropicana World!



So, what describes TROPICANA best?

It is the island life of a young, careless girl with a free soul, that lives her life to the fullest, that enjoys every single moment and collects valuable memories that she will never forget!

Tropicana Collection combines feminine, fresh, and unique designs that fit to all women’s preferences. It focuses on simplicity and elegance!

Each piece is designed to accentuate the female body and highlight every curve. Clothing & Swimwear created with passion for the cute, always classy, and brave woman who stands out with her personality.

The philosophy of the brand is, easily fit together pieces that can be worn all day long, from day to night, beach to bar and everywhere in between.

Tropicana has started its journey with women swimwear. From there after it has grown its collection with all the summer essential items that a girl needs for her summer holidays. Later on, Tropicana has expanded by adding Men & Kids’ collection and accessories. In 2019, we have created our first Winter Collection, which consisted of Longwear, Knitwear, and accessories.

Tropicana´s Goal is to keep experimenting and discovering fresh ideas, always being on track with the latest fashion trends. From the linings to the garments, we aim to use the best materials and transform them into fashionable pieces. Every season, with the help of our team, we design and develop unique prints, inspired by the story line of each collection.

Who is behind Tropicana?

Maria and Irene are the two girls that have gave life to Tropicana Collection. They grew up in the island of Cyprus, living in a bikini from as long as they can remember.

In 2016 their dream came true, and their own Swimwear / Beachwear brand was established. Growing up in Larnaca, inspired by the palm tree seafront -¨Foinikoudes¨, where they spent most of their summers, they created the brand´s logo. A sketch of a palm tree and sea waves within a circle, representing the Sun.

 All our designs are dedicated to each and every #tropicanagirl out there, who is not afraid to embrace her uniqueness and highlight her personality through our unique pieces.

To all our #tropicanagirls, that seek for an endless summer feeling,

Love you lots,

Yours Tropicana Team


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